Wordless Wednesday (almost)

My husband gave me a new camera for Valentines day this year. When he took his photography class for school, I lived vicariously through him. I enjoy the opportunity to exercise the “other side” of my brain sometimes, and taking pictures is a way for me to do that. It’s not something that is ever going to make money, but it’s something I enjoy and that is worth something. This week when I was playing outside with the kids, I was experimenting with showing depth in my photos. Below are some of the fruits of the day.

This is the spot where our garden will be later this spring.

I really like the texture in this picture.

The Aspen trees in front of our house are starting to bud.

I thought this was really fun to take, from the under-side of the tree.

Aspen bark is so fascinating to me. It shows the scars of even the smallest damage for years. Much like the heart I think.

These railroad ties line the front part of the rocks in front of our house.

I was having a delightful time shooting these and then...

A baby crawled into the shot. It certainly ads a different perspective don't you think?

I looked and looked for something green coming up in the world of brown. This weed was the only thing I could see with color. I didn't even pull it.

Perhaps my favorite photo subjects.