Wordless Wednesday (almost)

My husband gave me a new camera for Valentines day this year. When he took his photography class for school, I lived vicariously through him. I enjoy the opportunity to exercise the “other side” of my brain sometimes, and taking pictures is a way for me to do that. It’s not something that is ever going to make money, but it’s something I enjoy and that is worth something. This week when I was playing outside with the kids, I was experimenting with showing depth in my photos. Below are some of the fruits of the day.

This is the spot where our garden will be later this spring.

I really like the texture in this picture.

The Aspen trees in front of our house are starting to bud.

I thought this was really fun to take, from the under-side of the tree.

Aspen bark is so fascinating to me. It shows the scars of even the smallest damage for years. Much like the heart I think.

These railroad ties line the front part of the rocks in front of our house.

I was having a delightful time shooting these and then...

A baby crawled into the shot. It certainly ads a different perspective don't you think?

I looked and looked for something green coming up in the world of brown. This weed was the only thing I could see with color. I didn't even pull it.

Perhaps my favorite photo subjects.

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (almost)”

  1. Really loved your photos and comments on them. And yes, it is worth the time and effort to enjoy this! Good for you, Erin.

    1. Thanks! I try to remember to bring mine with me too, although there are times I’m really thankful my cell phone has a camera. 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the baby crawling on the railroad ties. My husband is coming back from a super long TDY this Friday and I’m going to start laying it on thick how much I want a nice camera. I’m like you, I just enjoy doing it 🙂 These are some GREAT photos 🙂

    1. Thank you! I would really like to take a photography class someday. For now though, I just enjoy learning on my own. My husband wasn’t sure about the camera but now that we have it, he’s said several times he’s glad we got it.

  3. love the pics. the one with the baby hand on the railroad tie reminds me we can have our minds on the future and miss what is right in front of us to enjoy. great hand, great baby:) great pic.

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