One Year Ago

A year ago today we sat in our doctor’s office and heard “You have cancer” for the first time. The day before Kerry had a colonoscopy due to some vague symptoms. We went into that scope expecting not to find anything and left knowing they’d found a tumor and it was quite possibly cancer. Our doctor advocated for us and biopsy results were expedited and we had results the next day. Those words started a crazy 2019. It was full of appointments, treatment, surgery and lessons in flexibility. We started his cancer journey that chemo and radiation wouldn’t be needed, that he’d skate by with “just” surgery and no ostomy. Instead…he went through chemo, radiation, bowel resection and ostomy, chemo again and then his reconnect surgery this last November.

Here we are on the other side of treatment. Kerry has scans and labs every 3 months to monitor progress. He had his first post-treatment scan on January 2 and it was clear. His white count is still very low but thankfully he has been able to stay well and not get sick. I’ll tell you though…scanxiety (anxiety leading up to scans) is totally a thing. Kerry seems to take it all in stride but it was tough for me not to be anxious.

Overall, Kerry is feeling better. He is still discovering what he can and can’t eat after his ostomy take-down and resection. Foods that he used to enjoy can really cause some discomfort so he makes diet modifications where he can. Some veggies, fruit and dairy seem to cause the most trouble. Right now we are focusing on cutting out as much sugar as possible, eating whole grains instead of empty carbs and eating the fruits/veggies he can tolerate. He will have another colonoscopy in the next month or so and his next scan is scheduled for April.

So as we start 2020 we look back on our journey and thank God for the blessings He provided during a difficult year. We continue to trust Him for what the future holds and know that He will sustain us regardless of what lies ahead. Thank you to those who have prayed for our family and cared for us over the past year. God ministered to our family through you and we are forever grateful. Thank you for continuing to pray for us in the coming months and year ahead.