New Recipe Monday — Wonton wraps

I made these wonton wraps for our family super bowl party. I got this recipe from a friend of mine in Kansas. They were a big hit with everyone!

Wonton wraps.
Bag of slaw mix,
small onion diced,
3 garlic cloves diced,
cooked chicken (or pork) (I used chicken)
salt, pepper,
fresh grated ginger.
In pan with olive oil and soy sauce add all ingredients and stir fry quickly. Add 1/4 cup to the middle of each wrap and fold-easy fold on the package. (I used smaller wonton wraps, but when I make them again, I’ll use the Egg roll wrappers). I did add a bit of chili garlic sauce to the mixture when I was stir frying it.
Spray baking sheet w/ oil and bake them at 350 for 10-15. Shell should be golden brown and crispy. (The first batch didn’t get as brown on the top as I would have liked, so the second batch I broiled a bit before I took them out).

This is before they were cooked

We dipped them in wasabi or sweet and sour sauce.

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