I haven’t been home much it seems like lately. I’ve been working trying to finish up stuff at school as I have two courses coming to an end. I also have some new simulation rotations coming up so I’m trying to get those ready. I hate to be unprepared. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot going on here at home and I HATE that even more. I keep reminding myself…”we have a plan” and “just say no” (working on setting boundaries at work).

That being said…I said YES today to hosting a bridal shower at my house in April. Can I just say that 1. it’s kind of out of my comfort zone to agree to open my house to a group of ladies for a girlie bridal shower (remember…4 boys…not much girlie here). and 2. I’m really excited about it. I’ve always wanted to be one of those hostess type people, but have never quite trusted I could do it. So here I am…stepping outside my box and right now am totally stoked about it. (ask me again as I’m frantically stuffing dirty clothes in the back bedroom the day before…)

I’m also thrilled to start planning the garden. Kerry has been working up the spot for our garden the last few days, the boys have been helping. Our biggest planning issue seems to be how to keep the bunnies out and save our produce. Trapping them (then eating or killing), fencing (which hasn’t proved effective), chili powder (which totatlly didn’t work) or planting melons on the edge (and allowing the buggers to eat them while hopefully leaving everything else alone) are all options that are currently on the table. I am not at all thrilled at the thought of planting a bunch of beans and then having those rascals eat them all before I even get a taste. Seriously. Just thinking of it makes me lean towards the death penalty option, but we’ll see.

We’ve started studying the 10 commandments with the boys during family worship this week. We’re tackling a commandment each day (we’ve done an intro and the first 2). Otto’s reading skills are developed enough that he was able to read the 2nd commandment and the subsequent 3 verses along with it. He was thrilled. Very cool. We’re not quite sure yet how we’ll broach the “adultery” commandment yet…we’ll let you know how it goes.  Tonight while Gabe was reading he said “Daddy look…its says Baby lawn (Babylon), isn’t that funny?” We got a nice little chuckle. Zeke is doing much better at sitting still during worship and prayer time. He LOVES singing time. He’ll sit there and sing his “oooh” as loudly as possible.

I’m really hating this whole time change thing. It makes me feel like I’m running behind and I already felt like that before the clocks moved. I know I can’t do anything about it, but really…it has completely thrown me off and I don’t like it. If I could cross my arms and pout about it a little while I would, but I have to suck it up and deal.

I’m ready for spring break. Period. I’m ready for spring break. I want to spend an entire week at home with my family just hanging. We debated about heading back to Kansas for a quick visit, but I’m afraid with the price of gas it’s just not in the Dave Ramsey budget. But we do miss our family and will be thinking of everyone that week. Maybe we’ll hit the lottery between now and then and we can fund the trip. 🙂 But in case that doesn’t happen, I’ve been working on a to-do list. Including play, sew, play, sew, garden, cook, garden, cook, sleep and nap. We might add sort through storage and school room…I should probably clean out closets too, that doesn’t sound very fun though.

I think that’s most of the “stuff” in my brain. Oh yeah…I’m totally looking forward to having a picnic lunch with our homeschool friends on Friday. We miss them and are excited to spend time together. Yay! For those wondering about our speech therapy appointment last week, it went well but we’re not done. We go back on Thursday for the rest of the eval and then I’ll post an update. Basically it’s nothing we didn’t know before…Zeke is brilliant but not talking. 🙂

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