Top 10 reasons to visit my new blogsite

I have been working really hard lately to redesign my blog. Here are the top 10 reasons to come on over and visit me at
10. To see what that crazy girl has gotten herself into now.
9. To catch my blog design skills in action!
8. Learn all about our family vision and why you might consider making one for your family.
7. Find a new recipe
6. To see how our larger than average family does it all.
5. Highs and lows, see how God’s grace helped us move through the grief that comes with losing a baby.
4. Highs and lows, to see the joys of raising small children.
3. Homeschooling — why we do it, how we do it and what we’ve learned about learning at home.
2. To see what God teaches about being a wife and mother, while honoring and serving Him.
1. Pictures of my cute kids! (Many of the pictures I use on my blog, are ones I take at home).
Welcome to Come back often, leave comments and tell me what you think . Join me on this journey as we purpose to Raise godly children for His glory.