Better than I deserve

“And when you ask me how I’m doing, I’m going to tell you that I’m better than I deserve. Because it’s true. I was a sinner destined for hell and God saw fit to save me. So anything and everything He gives me, including this, is already better than I deserve.”

Those were the words my husband used two weeks ago when he told our church family that he had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

The previous Thursday he’d had a colonoscopy because of some vague GI symptoms. We didn’t expect to find anything really, but rather checking off a box on the way to another diagnosis…but instead his doctor found a tumor. The biopsy showed the tumor was cancerous and that it hadn’t been completely removed.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of appointments, body scans, more appointments and more scans. And lots and lots of prayer.

We meet with an oncologist this week to help determine next steps. The tumor location and growth pattern makes just removing part of his bowel a little tricky. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Monday February 18 depending what the oncologist recommends. We are hoping that radiation or chemo won’t be necessary, but we are aware that’s a possibility.

While there has been a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts and “what if” scenarios. We rest in God’s sovereignty and that He knows the future and will see us through. There are times that we have been scared about what lies ahead and what a cancer diagnosis means for our family and life as we know it. However, we are at peace knowing that God, in His infinite wisdom has allowed our family to walk through this trial together. We trust that this is being used to refine us and shape us to be more Christlike.

We know that God is good regardless of the outcome and we have been given better than we deserve.

9 thoughts on “Better than I deserve”

  1. Erin & Kerry,

    You and your family have certainly been on my mind and heart and in my prayers since Kristi shared of your diagnosis in church. I will keep looking for updates as you feel led to share them, and will hold you all in my prayers. In the midst of your weak times, may you find strength. In the midst of your strong times, may you find joy. Keep the fight!

    Much love,
    Carrie (Schmidt)

  2. Dear Kerry and Erin and kids,
    Just to let you know that we are thinking and praying for you!!
    We are so sorry for your diagnosis, Kerry!! It certainly affects the whole family and many other people!
    Your attitude and faith are to be commended. I know God is able to do the impossible and we are praying that for you.
    We Love you and keep us informed!
    Praying the surgery will be successful!!
    Love to our nephew and family
    Uncle Mel and Aunt DEE♥️

  3. Erin and Kerry, praying for you and your family. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to pray with and for you guys.

  4. I am so very sorry that this has come to you two. Vernon & I went through it all as well, being a total surprise and immediate surgery and then recovery. My story was successful and I am praying for you that yours will also be. We have such an awesome and wondrous God and He is totally on top of His plan for you and your beautiful family. Have no fear for He has this!
    I am completely free of any cells and it was truly a miracle of God that it was discovered in time for it to be such a merciful turnout. I was anemic and then the colonoscopy showed internal bleeding that was unknown any other way. Prayers are going up in such an abundance for you, Kerry! Trust.
    Our love,
    Vern & Angie Base

  5. Dear Kerry and Erin, I will be persistent in prayer as you fight this battle! The faith of your family and the love you all share is so precious! The words written here give glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Like Paul you are embracing the inspired truth that Christ’s grace is sufficient in our trials! Sending warm hugs and will be faithful in prayer as you walk forward in faith!!

  6. There are, and will be, many prayers going up for your family from Ulysses. We are confident in God’s provision and plans for you.

  7. Erin,
    So sorry to hear this and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Daneen Jeppson

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