In our small group at church we were talking about our “stories” tonight. How we came to be followers of Christ and how we’ve seen God move in our lives. We were talking a bit about how some people have “big” stories. They have these big life changing moments when they clearly remember not following Christ, then being “saved” and now their new life after. Those stories are great, they make for great press and are catchy when telling them to others. But when you don’t have a “flashy” story sometimes you feel like your story isn’t worth telling. It isn’t something that is going to move someone else or it somehow doesn’t have the “street cred” that someone else’s does.
I’m one of those people. I don’t have a big flashy story. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t believe God and know that His word was true and I trusted it. My faith story is a long process, I took a long time to grow, there are big events where God grew me more, when I learned a big lesson (I call them my knock on the head moments). I don’t have a neat little package to share, my life certainly wasn’t and hasn’t been perfect but God has used the events in my life to shape who I am. It was a long messy process. I am still growing and learning what God is about and always will be.
We watched a video this morning in church about one woman’s journey to Christ. She shared the lifestyle she engaged in and how she was rescued by God from that lifestyle. It was moving, but as I thought about it…the truth is… before I found Christ my sin was just as ugly as hers. My rescue was just as miraculous as hers because I didn’t do it. One person’s sin isn’t worse than someone else’s. A murderer, in the sight of God, is just as bad as someone who lies or steals or cheats or whatever. A person who is a drug addict is the same as a person who sits in the pew on Sunday but hates in his heart. Without Christ, we are all the same…sinners…no one is worse than another. The redemption of a prostitute is just a beautiful and amazing as the redemption of a small child who puts her faith in Christ.
Sure it makes for good drama and a good story, but the “quiet” stories are just as amazing. Jesus died for her sins, my sins and yours. Through our faith and trust in Him, as our savior, we are redeemed. Ordinary stories are ones of beauty, ones of forgiveness and ones that deserves to be told, just like the flashy ones.

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  1. Yes, Erin, God’s grace is amazing no matter where we’ve come from. I was reading just yesterday from I Cor. 6:9-10, where greedy people are listed along with other “big sinners” as those who will not share in God’s Kingdom. And in I Timothy, liars are listed among murderers and those in sexual sins. The good news is that we can all be “made right with God because of what the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of our God have done for us.” I Cor. 6:11. Thanks Erin, for your beautiful testimony.

  2. I have struggled with not having a “flashy” story as well but I have come to the same realization. Without Christ we are all LOST, period. My sin nailed Christ to that cross just as much as anyones and that is where the miraculous “flashy” story really lies. Christ choosing to die for us sinful creatures is the true drama and what I constantly have to remind myself to focus on and not my life story. But Christ does work through every testimony, I have found the “normal” life I have lead seems trying and difficult to others and the Lord works through even my words that all too often fall short. Thanks for reminding me of this Erin, it was encouraging to hear someone I consider a strong woman has lead a “non-flashy” life as well!

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