Go Baby Go!

So in the last week our little Titus has become incredibly mobile. He went from the standard “inch worm” technic to get across the room to full out crawling, climbing, standing moving everywhere. I sat on the couch tonight and watched him crawl from one end of the living room to the other and then around the couch and under the table. It’s hard to believe he’s already 7 months old.

I’ve found lately that my blog seem to be more of a brain dump and short little snip its of what is going on at our house. Mostly because that’s how I think. In little snip its, at least that how it seems lately. I wonder sometimes if it’s because I have so much going on that I’ve turned into one of those “give me the short story” kind of people. I used to be a long story person. But then I also think that it could totally be because I only have time to think in short chunks because I am so exhausted if I ponder something too long I’ll fall asleep. I’ve asked “did that really happen or did I dream that?” more often than I’d like to admit in the late few months.

I have really enjoyed having my sewing machine out where I can use it more often. Really I decided that I was going to move it from the store room to the living room. In fact, I moved my computer off the table and my sewing machine on. Priorities. It’s been great. Although I’m to the point where I’m hand quilting the tops that I made over break, but still. It’s nice.

I’m so ready to plant our garden. It’s supposed to be in the 70s and 80s in the next few days and I can’t wait to dig in the dirt and smell the earth. I can’t wait to watch the little plants poke their heads up and the bounty we’ll get later this summer. If we can keep the bunnies out. Perhaps I should start dreaming about bunny traps.

We’re waiting to hear about a job for Kerry. The warehouse has all but stopped and so he’s been applying different places. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. It kind of bites to be looking for work at the moment, but we’re thankful there are at least a few opportunities out there. It’d be great for him to find something so we could pay off a little more debt this summer and save up for him to head to Moody this fall.

I had the opportunity to tell my birth story again today. Each time I do, I am reminded about how totally cool it was. I am still moved by the prayers God answered and what a fantastic experience it was. I still feel so blessed to have been able to have a homebirth and a midwife who believe in me. A husband who supported me and friends and family who prayed with us. I have yet to watch the video that Kerry shot right after Titus was born. In a way, I’m afraid it will ruin the memory I have that it will somehow take away the magic of that night. I’ll probably watch it someday, but for right now it just replays in my memory and that’s good enough. I’ve said it before, but it totally rocked.

For now that’s all I can wrap my head around. It’s late and I’m pretty sure my baby isn’t going to sleep through the night despite the fact that the “what your baby should be doing” hand out we got from the doctor yesterday said babies sleep through the night when they reach 11lbs. Ha! I hate to tell him that none of my babies slept through the night when they got to 11lbs. In fact, I have a 2 year old that weighs 27lbs that rarely sleeps through the night.

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  1. My 30 pound 2.5 year old doesn't sleep through the night. Like, ever. I feel your pain! I've never figured out why 11 pounds is the "magical" number where babies will sleep.

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