Spring Break happenings

Well here it is…the last night of our (my) spring break. I started this week with a huge list of stuff I wanted to get done. Some of it got crossed off and some will just have to wait until I have time (ha!). I have to say that I’m thankful I’m working in a place right now where I actually get a spring break and surprisingly enough I only had a handful of calls about work (which is really surprising). However, I could use another week off, but who couldn’t.
Here are some things that I (we) got done this week…

* Revamped (pretty much redone from scratch) the church website. This was a huge undertaking for several reasons…1. I’m not a webdesigner so it’s a huge learning curve 2. There were lots of changes that needed to be made so it took a lot of time. I can totally see why people charge $700-$1000 to design a webpage and then a monthly fee to update it. I spent at least 25-30 hours working on it and there are still things that need “tweaking”.

* Cleaned the storage room. This was another big task. We sorted through boxes and tubs and threw stuff away, packed it better or marked it for sale. This included my huge fabric stash that I’ve moved around with us for the last several years. It was tough, but I parted with a bunch (I still have about 5 tubs left of fabric for my “someday”).

* Caught up on laundry and then got behind again. Eh. This is pretty much never ending so I’ll just keep riding that hamster wheel.

* Went through closets and put away clothes that don’t fit, got out ones that do and got rid of ones that we’ll never wear again.

* Planted the “cold” stuff in our garden. (Actually Kerry did this, but it was a joint to-do list, so this can be a joint to-done list).

* Cleaned the boy’s bathroom (they did this) While it’s a weekly or bi-weekly thing that it gets cleaned…I have 3 boys who use that bathroom and it gets dirty fast. Anytime it gets clean it’s deserving of a yay!

* Attempted to potty train a 2 year old. We made some progress, but not totally there. We’ll see how next week goes.

* I actually finished a quilt, cut and sewed another top and am working on quilting another together. It was so nice to sew again! I miss it. If I have time in the near future I’ll go through my stash again and pull out fabric for some new skirts. I was going to do that when I went through it the first time, but our focus was put away…not get stuff out.

* I spent time with my parents who came to visit this past weekend, which was great!

* I actually took a  nap or two. It was FANTASTIC! I also stayed up late and slept in past 6:30. I never slept through the night, but I am so not a morning person. I would much rather stay up late and sleep in a bit, so it was delightful to do that this week. I’m pretty sure though that tomorrow morning is going to BITE.

* I made 2 pans of really awesome lemon bars with some lemons Grandma sent from California. Seriously…they lasted about 24 hours per pan.

So I guess all in all it was a pretty successful week. I still have part of my list to-do, but it will wait I suppose. For now though I think I’ll spend my last few hours of spring break cuddling with my kiddos and counting down the days until summer break.

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