Feet to the fire

Just after the first of the year I posted about wanting to lose weight this year. Well…I’ve lost about 8 pounds or so. Not near enough if I want to be at my goal weight by the end of year.
One of the things I struggle with the most in regards to health and weight loss is my exercise. I can portion control pretty well, working on the emotional/stress eating, but I am the most undisciplined person when it comes to exercise.
I’ve decided to set a goal…a serious one…and take Kerry with me.

I am going to run a 5K by my birthday (August 13). That’s about 13 1/2 weeks from today. I don’t have a time goal, my goal at this point is to 1. run and 2. finish. There’s a race in Colorado Springs that day. This is the one I plan on running.

So here’s where you come in…each week on Tuesday I’m going to post my exercise log, weight lost and my overall “how I did”. I also plan on posting some health recipes and other gems I find along the way.
Ask me how I did, make sure I’m doing it, make sure I’m posting and if I don’t…ask. Hold my feet to the fire.
Of course, you’re welcome to join this challenge with me too. I plan on working the C25K plan to get me there.
In the mean time…I think I should start looking for some new running tunes for my ipod…Happy Running.