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I recently got the opportunity to review 2 bottles of roll on oil perfume from Auric Blends. I have to say first that I have never tried roll on perfume before, but I have tried the oil blends perfume and never really liked it. I always thought they left my skin feeling greasy and oily, so I was curious how these were going to work.
The cool thing is right after I put it on, my skin felt really soft and smooth. You couldn’t tell I had just put an oil blend perfume on. I was really impressed.
I got 2 scents to try, Lavender Dream and Jasmine. I generally really like the smell of lavender, but know that some don’t, so I was curious if this one was going to smell as strongly as some of the other lavender products I had tried. It didn’t! It left a really light scent, one that you could only smell if you hugged me or maybe after I handed you something and had put some on my wrist. The scent stuck around for quite a while too, but it was never over powering (something I really hate about perfume in general).
I’ve never worn Jasmine before, when I tried it though it made me sneeze. I think it’s just how I react to it because I gave it to a friend of mine and she loves it! I did like the smell though.
Each of the bottles is sized just right for a purse or make up bag.

You can find Auric Blends at the following links…

Perfume Roll Ons

Our classic line of 1/3 ounce, oil based roll on perfumes is our top selling product line. Created with a combination of exotic, imported perfume ingredients from around the globe, each of our hand-blended perfumes are a journey within themselves.
Auric Blends perfume roll ons are enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. Our oils have been chosen for regional awards, (Majik was voted best love potion by New York Press), and they are adored intensely by our loyal customers and fans. They’ve also been reviewed on to a grand array of praises.
With 40 fragrances to choose from and collections that range from floral and fruit to oriental and fresh fragrances, you’re certain to find one, or maybe more, favorites!
Would you like to purchase samples of our perfume oils? Click here to view our available sample kits.
I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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