Weigh in Wednesday and Link Up

Last week I took the plunge and showed you what I weigh. I’ll do it again this week too.
I have a confession to make though…it’s not about numbers for me. It really isn’t. I’m not sure I even have a “goal weight” in mind here. I have a goal feeling. I want to feel fit, I want to feel healthy, I want to feel good. Sure I know what I weighed when I got married or before I had my first son, but for me it’s really not about reaching either of those numbers. It is more important that I am healthy and fit for my children and my family. I don’t want to huff and puff when I run with my kids. The numbers are there just to help me track my progress.
I do have some definite goals in mind though. I encourage you if you’re going on this journey with me that you set some goals for yourself, both short term and long term. Here are a couple of mine to get you started and then we’ll talk “numbers”.
1. Run a 5K without stopping and in less than 45 minutes. (Remember how last week I said I don’t really like to run? I still don’t, so hitting this one will be a biggie for me).
2. Do 40 burpees at the end of each workout. If you don’t know what these are they’re intense, kind of miserable, but a great all over body workout.
3. Kick my sugar addiction. Seriously. It’s an addiction. I’m still in the detox mode and have had to get it all out of my house otherwise I’ll eat it. The first 3 days were the worst, but I still have a craving every afternoon, so none in the house (believe it or not this also meant getting rid of chocolate chips…they were my “if I need a really bad fix” food).
4. Do 10 pull ups. This might be a longer term goal for me considering I can’t do one without my feet being on a chair, but I’m working on it.
5. I want to be comfortable enough with how I look that I can sit without folding my arms to hide my belly. I have be subconsciously doing this for months, every time I sit and even when I’m standing my arms are crossed over my stomach. I don’t want to do that. It makes me look unfriendly first of all and secondly it’s not very flattering. I want to stop it and not feel like everyone is looking at my muffin top.
So those are my “big” goals for this who deal. I have smaller ones each day, like I’m going to eat more protein, I’m going to cut out unnecessary carbs at supper, I’m going to workout for an hour tonight.

So here we go, my numbers for this week (with last week for comparison)

Last week This week
Starting Weight : 157.6 lbs. 155.6 lbs (2 pounds! woot woot!)
Arms (upper): 13″ 12.5″
Waist : 38.5″ (at belly button) 38″
Thigh : 23.5″ 23″
Calf : 15.5″ 15.5″

5 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday and Link Up”

  1. great job Erin. I love how you wrote out all of your goals. The sugar addiction part is really hard. I have so many snacks around for the kids. I allways seem to want a snack at about 2pm. I bought some sugar free jello and I just eat that.

    1. Thanks April. I have to get sugar out of my house or I’ll find it and eat it. 🙂 I hadn’t thought of the sugar free jello though.

  2. Erin – way to go! I love how you set goals…my problem is always on the number and I am going to try and kick that. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. You are doing great! I have a suggestion…paint your toes a new color each week when you weigh in. Looking forward to next week’s color. Lol…:) Keep it up!

  3. I too, love the honesty about your sugar addiction. I recently started my weight loss journey, and I am understanding now that I truly am addicted to sugar. I’m having just as much difficulty giving sugar up as I did when I gave up smoking years ago! Maybe even more trouble, because when you quit smoking, you quit. I can’t quit eating. Food will always be a part of life. I just have to learn to make constant good choices.

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