Does that count?

One of the great things about homeschooling is that our days don’t always look like “school”. We don’t have to sit at the table and do worksheet after worksheet. We don’t even have to open a book and it still “counts”. There are plenty of days when we do open books, but around here…it’s not our whole focus.
So today, we were a little less “traditional” in our approach. Here are some highlights from today.
* It works better to hang up clothes when you put the hanger through the neck hole rather than the arm hole. It’s also a good idea to put big people clothes on bigger hangers. Daddy’s shirts don’t stay very well on kid hangers.
* It’s cute the first time brother climbs in the laundry basket for a “ride” from the dryer to the living room. It’s not so cute when both little brothers do it.
* It’s moth (miller) season here in Colorado. I worked on hand-eye coordination with the boys by arming each of them with a fly swatter and told em “Have at it fellas”. Then we learned how to vacuum thoroughly and dust the walls.
* You have to watch Titus when he’s swatting moths. He’s a little crazy with his follow through and some times he hits you if you’re not looking.
* We have a lot of stuff. We’re sorting, throwing, packing (no we don’t know where we’re going yet) stuff. We have a system. Too bad sorting “stuff” isn’t as fun as sorting Legos.
* Egg cartons burn for a long time when you start them on fire with a magnifying glass. They make a lot of smoke and kind of stink.
So no, our day didn’t look like school but we learned valuable lessons. Oh, they each did a worksheet in math and read for 45 minutes. I guess that makes it “official”.

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