Hey Good Looking! Whatcha got cookin?

Well…I’ve revised our menu list for our meal rotations. I’m including the link below. I have about 36 recipes or so which allows for us to have 4-5 “new” meals a week with 2-3 nights for left overs. I haven’t divided the meals up into 2 week groups yet (I like to do my shopping every 2 weeks, so I plan my menus accordingly). I plan on doing that this next week. THEN I’d like Kerry to use his excel prowess to help me make a list that will automatically totally all of my ingredients on to a master shopping list.

The ingredient list that I included with these menus are ingredients I know I should check my stock for and make a note to purchase if I don’t have them, it’s not an all inclusive list. You’ll see I also put where I can find the recipes for some of the meals and if there isn’t a source…it’s in my brain. 🙂 I’ll try to share a new recipe each week from our menu list and some others that I’ve tried.

So hopefully this will help get you started if you’re in a rut. Happy Cooking!

Rosfeld Family Master Meal List

2 thoughts on “Hey Good Looking! Whatcha got cookin?”

  1. Erin,
    I would really like your recipe for the grilled salmon linguine and the crock pot sauerkraut soup. They both sound really good.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading your recipes. I hope to post a few new recipes as well. I, too, have shopping every 2 weeks to be just about right. Have you discovered 'forever bags'…I was given a few and they have helped keep my produce fresher longer.

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