I feel bad…I’ve neglected this blog for the last while. I have been so busy getting things ready for this upcoming fall semester. I am teaching full time for PCC for this fall and am on overload for this semester. So lots to do.

We also started our homeschool work with the boys this last week. It always takes us a few weeks to find our rhythm and routine. We’re finding it so again this fall. It makes me seriously consider schooling year round so that we don’t have this huge adjustment every fall. Our curriculum is definitely more in-depth this year (as it should be) but we may end up cutting stuff out or rearranging our schedule a bit to make it a little less stressful during the day. The boys are doing well though.
I’ve also been putting off another “Leave and Cleave” post. I am working on a post (well several) about respect and why it’s so important to our husbands. I want to get it right, and with posts like that I usually like to have Kerry proof them to make sure I’m on the right track. It’s just taking me longer than usual. But I promise they’re coming…hopefully the first one next week (if not this weekend sometime).
So those are my excuses. I’ll be sure to pick up the postings. 🙂 I need my writing outlet probably more than I’d like to admit.

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