First few days at camp!

Well here we are at camp. Here are a few photos of the last couple of days. We’ll try to post more as the week continues. We’re enjoying it! Otto has made several new friends with the families who are here for the week. And praise the Lord there have been no major emergencies thus far. Keep praying everyone stays relatively healthy and we have an uneventful week healthwise at camp. 🙂

This is the Putt Putt course. It’s right across from the nurses cabin where we are staying. Otto and Kerry have spent a lot of time over here.

Looking up the road towards the nurses cabin

Side view nurses cabin

Otto, Zeke and Isaac (a new friend) building their own campsite complete with a fire pit, teepee and mouse roasting sticks. They’re pretending to be survivor man.

Mom and Zeke on a walk. See how dirty you get at camp?

Titus has spent a lot of time in the backpack or my wrap. He really does seem to enjoy it though.

Kerry carries.

This is the lake. There is a zip line that goes across one end. Kerry and Otto went fishing yesterday and kayacking today.

We ate snacks. 🙂

Otto and Dad. Kerry is showing Otto how to maneuver the kayak.

Headed back to shore…Otto wants to drive by himself.

Solo Otto. He was actually pretty good at this. It takes a lot of muscle to make this thing move and Otto did pretty well. Gabe went earlier with his cabin and Kerry watched. He said Gabe was pretty good at it. Maybe our new family sport will be kayaking?

Zeke wanted to try too. He got most upset when he couldn’t hold the paddle.

It’s not white water, but they sure had fun! There is lots to do and explore here. We haven’t done much hiking, but plan to maybe later this week. We’ve been joining the campers at chapel each night around the camp fire. Otto and I sat in front of the cabin this week an imagined a big blue whale swimming through the two mountain peaks during the flood. God’s creation is amazing!!

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