I feel like a hamster…

Still running. Still suckin’ air. Still hard. That’s it in a nutshell. I’m still running, I have run all but 2 days this last week. It does seem to get easier (although not much more enjoyable); I’m running longer intervals before I walk, running a little faster. But it’s still not easy. J
I feel like a hamster. I run everyday on the treadmill and occasionally outside…running…running…running. And you know what? Just like that little hamster, I’m still chubby. The benefit to keeping me around is that I can cook, you don’t have to clean out my cage each week and I don’t stink (usually).
I’m not losing as much weight as I thought I would be at this point because I’ve had such a sedentary lifestyle lately. I figured exercising a little more often (okay a lot more often) would have better results sooner. So far, I’m holding steady.
I’m feeling better though, I’m eating better. I’ve definitely noticed that I feel like crap when I eat something junky. Like this last weekend….We went to the Wild West Fest in downtown Pueblo. I drank a soda (something I haven’t had for several weeks). I noticed that evening that I felt awful. I just felt like a slug. It could have been the funnel cake too, but still. It’s all junk either way.
I plan to start adding some weights in to my workout. I’m hoping that putting on some more muscle will help me burn calories a little faster. It can’t hurt…For now I’ll just keep plugging along…like the hamster…Running.

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