Rosfelds by the numbers

I haven’t taken any pictures lately for my wordless Wednesday post, (so much for my plan of taking pictures of the kids each week) so I’m going to give you Rosfelds by the numbers…

Number of family members : 6 (so far) The next question that usually follows is “How many are you going to have” …As many as we’re blessed with. We believe in Jesus-full thinking. (Oh yeah…we’re one of *those* families. I’ll share more about our personal convictions on another post).

Number of times we’ve moved since Kerry and I got married in 2001 : 10

Number of pets : 1 dog and 2 birds currently.

Number of loads of laundry we do per day : at least 3

Loads of dishes : 2 per day

Vehicles owned : 2

Vehicles currently sitting in driveway : 4 (plus 2 at the shop…not all ours).

Gallons of milk per week : 7-8 (half 2% and half skim)

Monthly grocery budget : $375.00

Meals eaten out : 3-4 per month always fast food. 🙂

Legos : too numerous to count, but lots of sets and at least one large rubbermaid tub full.

Instruments played : 4 (flute, drums, trombone, piano — Otto is currently taking lessons).

Jobs held currently : 6 combined. Not including parenting…

Diapers changed : 18-24 per day depending on bowel habits.

Outfits : 8 per day. We have at least two kids make one change of clothes each day which is why we do 3 loads of laundry each day. 🙂

Computers : 2. One desktop and one laptop.

Cookbooks : 40 at least. I like them for recreational reading.

Floors swept : 4 times per day. That’s our goal anyway…

Vacuuming : 2 times a week. If I can feel dirt on my feet when I walk I know it’s time to vacuum.

Pairs of shoes : 35-40. The range is because we can’t always find both shoes at the same time.

Hours of sleep : Kids : 11-12, those napping get 14, Grown ups 6-7

Hugs and Kisses : More than we can count, but never enough.

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