I had a really great idea for a blog post this week…

But I forgot it. I said before that my best blog ideas come at night when I’m falling asleep, but the bummer is that I can’t remember them most of the time when I wake up in the morning. Yeah I know I need a notebook so I can write them down, but you know what? I’m so blooming tired that if I’m falling asleep, I’m going with it. I guess you’ll just have to settle for random ramblings tonight, stuff that’s been on my mind lately.
Zeke is talking more. Yay! He’s at least putting 2 words together. For those who have been following our run with speech therapy you know what a big deal this is. When we ask him what he said he’ll say “yeah ______”. It goes something like this…
Me: “What do you want Zeke?”
Zeke: “dink”
Me: “You want a drink?”
Zeke: “Yeah, dink”
It’s 2 words. We’ll take it. 🙂

Otto broke a tooth at church today and didn’t tell us until supper tonight. He and Gabe were playing on the playground outside and were throwing rocks. Not at eachother, but apparently in the general direction of eachother. A “stray” rock hit Otto and chipped off part of his tooth. A permanent one. Fantastic. But it brings back memories of when Kerry and I were first dating. He was playing football and I remember waiting for him after a game. He walked out of the locker room and smiled. He was missing part of his front top tooth and looked ridiculous. Ha! He got it fixed the next day, but it still makes me laugh a little thinking of that hole in his mouth. Thankfully Otto isn’t seeing anyone, so we’ll just have to remember it for later.

I’m sick of the wind. That’s pretty much it. I’m sick of it. I hate how it blows dust everywhere leaving a fine layer all over my clean(ish) house and floor. I hate how it blows my hair and makes it stick to my lipgloss. A little superficial I know, but still. It’s one of those things. I really hate that when I open my car door and the kids open theirs on the other side, it blows every scrap of paper, trash, plastic and whatever else out the door and into our neighboors yards. Trust me while my house is clean(ish) my car is not.

As I plant my garden I still long for the country. I would love to be out in the sticks. I know I know. I posted about this last week, but it’s still true. I’m trying really hard to be content where I am, but still dream of it.

I had a weird dream at nap time today. I dreamt I was advocating for a pregnant friend of mine (who isn’t really pregnant and I haven’t seen her since highschool). I was advocating for a VBAC so she could have the birth she wanted. I even told her to go to a hotel away from the hospital to keep the doctor from forcing her c/s. I’m not sure why it was dreaming it, but I was incredibly passionate about and kind of upset when I woke up. Weird.

I miss thunderstorms. We don’t get many here in PW. In fact, we maybe get 2 a year. In August. Where I grew up we had them every spring and early summer. I miss seeing the thunder clouds build. I miss the rain. For now, I guess I’ll wait until the one we have in August.

Well I guess that’s it. Next time I’ll just wake Kerry up and tell him my idea for a blog post. Not like he’ll remember, but I’ll try.

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  1. Erin: I know how you feel…lately I have been falling asleep during my nightly prayer…I wake up in the morning and didn't remember saying Amen…So, I continue with morning prayers…so I can truly say "Amen"

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